Welcome to Alberta Landlord Community

The ultimate go-to resource and community for new, accidental and experienced landlords in Alberta.

Our Big Purpose

Welcome to our grassroots community.

We bring together new, accidental, experienced landlords and property managers in the province of Alberta to provide a safe and supportive community:

  1. To allow landlords to ask and learn about pressing issues without outside influence or judgement while adhering to the legislation of the Residential Tenancies Act, which governs this industry in an ethical and transparent manner.

  2. To build the best practices and habits as a result of hearing the stories, experiences and ideas of people on the same path to navigate the inherent risks and challenges of renting out properties, remove the factor of luck and overcome the apprehension of taking a financial loss by selecting bad tenants. 

  3. To foster the mutually beneficial relationship between tenants and landlords through advocacy of a balanced approach to legislation, industry and all levels of government in a holistic approach.

We believe by providing a community and an educational platform that, the benefits will be two-fold, mutually benefiting both landlords and tenants by:

A) More Alberta landlords will stay in the rental market longer, providing a greater number of higher quality rentals for a longer duration and achieving financial certainty.

B) This will increase the supply of affordable housing to help those Albertans that need it most.